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Mission Critical Stuff

100% US Based

We don't outsource services. Our 100% US based full time staff is split between Southern California and Nevada. Your website host MojoHost is in Michigan, your payments are processed and sent to you by Segpay in Florida.

Security Matters

Monitoring of your website and server, fraud-prevention, anti-hacking, anti-piracy, IP restrictions & fortune-500 level captcha technology keeps you safe. An automatic update gets pushed to your site monthly with fixes, enhancements and security updates.

We Follow Rules

We follow content laws, GDPR data handling laws and use Visa/Mastercard recommendations to ensure compliance and keep you from losing your processing or being shutdown for unknowingly breaking any rules.

A Team Behind You

Help is always here when you need it, including 24-hour emergency support if your site is ever down. We will evolve with you and continue to meet your needs as you grow, just as we always have over the last 2 decades.

Your Data is Yours

Full Transparency

Unlike platforms or network partner schemes where you may not know the behind the scenes of where your content is hosted or who processes your payments, with your website you know where every resource come from. See your stats, know who is buying from you, you see everything. The payment processor (Segpay) pays you directly, we don't touch your money - ever.

2257 Record Keeping

Since you own your site 100%, you're responsible for your record keeping. Store IDs and model releases and associate 2257 records with cross-referenced name, stage name, aliases, custom data fields for tracking and auditing, and an automatically generated list of URLs where your content appears. You can also manually add URLs of content on clip sites or platforms for compliance.

Access to Your Customers

Owning your website means you own all of your customer data. You have access to every customer who buys anything from you site and can contact them directly and market to them as long as you do so legally. Your data belongs to you and is accessible to you at all times. If for any reason you ever choose to leave us (you won't), you can take it all with you.

Access to Site Statistics

Don't rely solely on feedback for insight. See detailed stats showing fan behavior including most popular content, categories and fetishes, most accessed content formats, which updates fans are adding to their favorites and more. Add Google Analytics for even more in-depth website stats to see where your traffic is coming from and what people are doing.

Sell Whatever You Want


Sell recurring subscriptions and choose which content subscribers get access to. You can sell 30 and 90 day subscriptions to start, and longer subscriptions up to 12 months once your site is established. Subscribers are automatically sent special offers if they cancel.

Clips, Photos & Audio

Operate your own clip store. Buy now buttons and a shopping cart let you sell clips, audio files, photo sets and video package bundles. You can also sell pay per view, pay per download & online streaming video rentals that expire after whatever amount of time you choose.

Free & Paid DM

Charge for viewing and/or replying to DMs or set your own pricing to unlock audio, photos, and videos sent via group DM blasts or to individual fans. You can upload files or take pics and record clips and audio on your tablet or phone and send them instantly.

Online Store Items

Sell custom videos, social media shout-outs and fan signs, live phone, cam, text or chat time, pic ratings, accept tips and more. Your store is completely configurable, meaning your options for turning your website into a money making machine are truly endless.

More Selling Options

Free and Paid Accounts

Fans can signup free and have access to whatever options and activities you choose to allow without payment. It's free to browse your site and buy content or store items individually, or checkout as a guest. You control which content is free and what's only available to subscribers. Fans can subscribe for more access to your content and interaction.

Full Price Control

Charge what you like for subscriptions, including choosing different first month and recurring subscription amounts. Charge what you like for content, and every store item you sell. With a maximum of up to $3,000 per purchase allowed, you'll have plenty of flexibility. You can also set content tiers for clip store purchases if you like to sell certain videos for different amounts.

Sales and Coupons

Run discount sales with scheduled start and end dates to have your site automatically show promotional pricing options on your signup page. Create custom coupon codes with start and end dates or limit the number of uses before they expire. In addition to sale and coupon options, when someone cancels their subscription your site automatically offers them a 30% discount to continue.

Money Loading & Credits

Offer more control, privacy and anonymity to your fans by giving them the choice of subscribing, paying as they go for your content and store items, or loading their website account in whatever dollar amount increments you specify. Funds are stored in their account and withdrawn from their credit balance as they purchase.

Useful Features

Lifetime Cloud Video Stash

Offer your fans a safe, private, official location where they have free lifetime access to their previously purchased photos, videos and audio files, including fan signs, custom videos and any content you sent to them personally during paid DM sessions and any messages they've exchanged with you.


An on-site calendar automatically populates with your pre-scheduled site updates and upcoming live cam shows. If you have multiple cam schedules, all of your different platform or show names will be available for your fans. You can also manually add calendar entries for future events and personal appearances you want fans to know about.

Model and Bio Pages

Post your own detailed bio page with stats and your story. If your site features other performers, you can create pages for them too and display their bio along with a list of related updates and they'll appear on a browsable A-Z list. Specify male, female, trans, trans female, trans male, nonbinary as a gender or use custom identifiers and pronouns.

Live Show Manager

Add your existing cam site schedules and links so your fans can keep track of when and where you go live. You can add as many different cam schedules or cam networks as you like and fans will be able to view them all. Once you've added an upcoming show time, your site will display a countdown in days, hours and minutes to your next show.

Category Tags & Pages

Add keyword tags to your content. Add an optional categories page showing each keyword tag and a photo you choose to represent the subject, niche or fetish. Each tag gets its own page on your site and every site update shows links to every relevant tag so your fans can easily find what they like.

Favorites & Tag List

Fans can save their favorite photos and videos for later viewing and purchasing. Anyone with a free or paid account can also tag content with custom keyword tags only they can see. You can choose to approve their tag suggestions and assign them to your content.

Optional Blog & Feed

Post traditional style blog updates with the option to show different posts to site visitors and those with accounts. Or, you can opt for a more platform-like update feed with free and/or paid posts. Choose if to charge to see posts and content or set pricing for viewing posts and photo, video or audio content you post.

Forms, Pages & Stories

Publish custom web forms for model and sub applications or anything else you want to invite input for. Add custom pages with support for text or HTML and CSS code to embed non-software controlled content into your site seamlessly. Post erotic stories, product reviews, and other text/story based content with an image for each submission.

Interact With Your Fans

FAQ Page

Cut down on unnecessary contact and reduce site related inquiries with a customizable FAQ page that's already been pre-populated with common questions, answers and self-help options for visitors and customers. Don't worry, we handle all of your customer service so the FAQ questions about site issues come to us instead of you. :)


Allow fan comments on your photos, videos and your model bio page with a threaded display you can reply back to for a social media style threaded comment discussion. You can choose to approve comments before they show on your site and delete them at any time. You can also ban abusive or annoying fans from posting comments.

E-Mail Marketing Lists

Collect emails entered into a newsletter field or do one better and let your site automatically add free users, subscribers and content buyers to separate mailing lists based on their behavior on your site. Access to email marketing is included for you for free and is already integrated into your website.

Twitter Integration

Show your Twitter feed on your website. You can also schedule tweets manually. Choose if, when and how to have your site auto-tweet every time you update your site, when someone signs up free, subscribes, or buys something, with totally customizable settings for images, frequency, and the ability to rotate through an unlimited number of your own pre-written tweets.

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